Social Media Marketing

Strategy to improve your brand presence & attract new customers


Social Media is considered as the most popular platform for internet users all over the world. Statistics shows that over 80% of internet users spend their time on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google plus etc.

Why SMM (Social Media Marketing) is Important?

Social Media Marketing is one of the most important strategies when it comes to building a brand and driving consumers to a business. Creative IT Limited is an international social media service provider. Its social media services are designed to help you to know how to take advantages of social media for pro

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is one of the most popular social media marketing places. Creative IT Limited provides some services of Facebook marketing. We can help you with the following aspects:

  • Facebook Ad conception or creation
  • Fan page design and creation
  • Increasing your fan following
  • Daily Engagement and Relevant status update
  • Add interactive video and content
  • Developing content for Facebook page
  • Increasing Traffic from Facebook
  • Quiz/ Poll/ Giveaway/ Contest Management
  • Coupon Management
  • Reputation Management

YouTube Marketing

YouTube is a great tool for marketers to reach their target audience. It’s an independent website to proclaim your product and growing your business. Recently, it has been published that over 70% of viewers visit You Tube every month. So, if your purpose is to promote your business by advertising on You Tube, we can help you by providing these services:

Video production: We try to help you to produce high- quality videos and to create video graphics. We also teach how to do on-site shot consultation, designing and filming.

Video optimization: Optimizing uploaded videos is the most important task for a You Tube marketer. You must optimize your videos through keyword research. We help you by doing this task and optimize your video’s title, description, tags and annotations.

YouTube advertising: Many options are there for You Tube advertising like TrueView In-Display Video Ads, In-Stream Video Ads, Overlay In-Video Ads, and Remarketing Video Ads etc. We will help you to decide on the most suitable option for your business.

YouTube analytics: All You Tube Marketers need to analyze their performance whether it is performing well or updates are necessary. We help you to put proper tracking in place, to analyze your performance and to determine which channels produce the greatest ROI.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter has been a great opportunity for marketers to reach a new global audience or existing customers. An online marketer can use twitter to share information instantly, to connect with people and businesses around the world. Creative IT Limited provides all types of services that are needed for Twitter. The services are:

  • Creating custom-designed Twitter profile and cover images.
  • Hosting a one on one consultation to recommend on how to use twitter correctly for your business.
  • Helping you to build a loyal following in the right way without utilizing bad practices.
  • Creating a customized marketing plan and including consistent content creation and posting and reputation management.

LinkedIn Marketing

In today’s marketing arena the importance of networking is undoubtedly seen by all. But in case of using social media professionally which can be perfect that’s a million dollar question. For professionals “LinkedIn” is the best option. It shows the 3rd highest professional engagement in the whole wide world. How we offer greater business values to your organization? Well, we ensure you categorized benefits such, as a recruiter you will get skilled and qualified talents without hunting, as seller you will getcontinuous client involvement, achieve new prospectsand getword of mouth publicity, also we ensureyou positive referrals. We will analysis your opportunity through insights. As an Organization we will ensureyou top visibility,networking, and research modulesand also maintainclient’s queries in priority basis. So, if you choose “Creative IT Ltd,” you will getunique, innovative, out of box solutions. So, want to “LinkedIn Marketing Exposure” be with us.